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Sales only to commercial customers
Sales only to commercial customers

Q-MAX LED lamps and luminaires – for professional applications

Professional lamps and luminaires for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Facilties.

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Due to our extreme purchase volumes with manufacturers, we are able to offer you very attractive prices, even for small volumes. Ask us for an offer or talk to us about how we can further optimise your purchasing.

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We are fast … very fast. Our 5 international locations are stocked with products worth many million euros. The latest just-in-time logistics make it possible to ship 90% of all ordered packages (ordered by 16.00) on the same day.

Call us to find out your prices or delivery times. We would also be happy to advise you in choosing the right products.


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Our e-commerce shop is still growing. Further products and brands will be added constantly.
We are currently working on making our full product range available online. Until then all products are still available via phone or email requests.

Q-MAX offers you the choice of hundreds of colours and shades.
With Q-MAX, you have almost the entire colour palette that you know from other brands such as B. LEE filters, ROSCO and GAMCOLOR available. Q-MAX offers converters from artificial light to daylight and back, as well as with neutral density. The daylight converter film and absolutely neutral films for fading are found in the supply programme. The corrective filters offered include carbon arc filters, colour-balancing filters for carbon arc lamps, corrective filters for HMI light to tungsten light, UV absorption filter and a large selection of corrective filters for fluorescent lamps in various light colours. The diffusion filters have low flammability in accordance with BS 3944. We are offering you the entire range of matted filters that you usually use on the set. 25 diffusion filters and various spun, grid cloth and heat shields as well as six coloured matte filter are likewise available. Q-MAX filters are produced by an established manufacturer in Great Britain and optimised in particular for the requirements and specifications of experienced lighting technicians. They are designed for a long service life with long-lasting colour accuracy. This reduces effort in replacing filters as a result.

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