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Sales only to commercial customers
Sales only to commercial customers

The daylight lamp for
Entertainment applications

MSR Hot Restrike



MSR Hot Restrike Series

Instant daylight – for every situation. Always.

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MSR Hot Restrike
  • hot reignition
  • longer lifetime
  • consistent performance over the whole lifetime
  • perfect daylight, due to high color temperature of min. 6,000K
  • high lumen output
  • suitable for: Fresnel Spotlights, Follower Spotlights, Profile Spotlights, Moving Heads

Download the family datasheet here:
family datasheet

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The MSR Hot Restrike is offered in different wattages – for different applications.

Studio & Theatre

Stage lighting is the essential requisite – stagehands aswell as actors know that. They are mostly controlled with Follower Spotlights, Moving Heads and Profile Spotlights for the theatre and stage area in general.
Illuminate your stage as bright as day and without waiting time thanks to hot reignition with the metal halide discharge lamps of the MSR Hot Restrike product family. Let the actors and dancers always appear in a favorable theatre lighting!
Product Features
  • life to 50% failures (h): 200-1000*
  • color rendering index (Ra): 90-92*
  • correlated color temperature (K): 6,000
  • luminous flux (lm): 9,400-49,000*
  • max. pinch temperature (°C): 350

*depends on selected version

TV, Film & Studio

The actors aswell as the studio lights are demanded everything at a shoot. Spotlights for the film, TV and video area need to be used.
A top performance is needed in a film studio if you want to imitate daylight, to guarantee a high-quality production.
The MSR Hot Restrike will not let you down, because this studio lamp creates constant light over the whole lifetime. At the same time, the re-ignition enables an immediate light output.
Product Features
  • life to 50% failures (h): 750
  • color rendering index (Ra): 90
  • correlated color temperature (K): 6,000
  • luminous flux (lm): 20,000
  • max. pinch temperature (°C): 350

Indoor & Outdoor Film

The metal halide discharge lamp MSR Hot Restrike is always there for you, if the real sun does not have the power you need for your movie production.
The daylight lamp creates perfect film lighting for convincing daytime-shots – no matter if it is outdoors or inside a building, that is not a film studio.

You do not have to comply with the time of the day anymore, because the hot reignitible MSR Hot Restrike creates daylight at any time.
Product Features
  • life to 50% Failures (h): 300-500*
  • color rendering index (Ra): 91-95*
  • correlated color temperature (K): 6,000-7,270*
  • luminous flux (lm): 240,000-380,000*
  • max. pinch temperature (°C): 450

*depends on selected version

Advantage of the MSR Hot Restrike
Thanks to an optimized color temperature and a high color rendering index, the MSR Hot Restrike creates perfect daylight – in any condition.
The metal halide discharge lamp is hot reignitible, which ensures daylight lighting and superb color rendition is always instantly available.
They also incorporate the innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips, which allows use at higher temperatures and therefore extends lifetime and consistency of high-quality light output.

So take advantage of the Philips Test Weeks …!
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